Friday, December 4, 2009

"If Only" ( Scrabble)

"If Only" is a Scrabble variant invented by a player from UK. If you know his name, please let me know. Howard Warner from New Zealand introduced us to this game, a couple of days ago. Yesterday, the nine games of Scrabble were followed by three games of "If Only" against Martin Harrison. Since you have a blank on your rack almost every turn, it's easy to score more points and to come up with nicer words.

Game 1: Adrian Tamas 541 Martin Harrison 476

Game 2: Martin Harrison 528 Adrian Tamas 514

Game 3: Adrian Tamas 715 Martin Harrison 572


  1. So the rule is that you can flip over one of your tiles each turn and make it a blank, except if you already have a blank?

  2. No, Geoff! Even when you have a blank, you can still flip over one tile. With one condition: you need to score over 50 points.