Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Speak English? ( A List Sometimes... Words Beginning with BH )

This one is for the native speakers of English, who think they master their mother tongue. The truth is that English is like an adoptive parent. It`s like The Angelina Jolie of the languages. It keeps sucking in more and more words from other languages. As you will notice, none of the words on this list are actually genuine English words.

BHAGEE+S = an appetizer, in Indian cookery
BHAJAN+S = singing of devotional songs and hymns
BHAJEE+S = an appetizer, in Indian cookery
BHAJI+S = an appetizer in Indian cookery
BHAKTA+S = Hindu term for devotee of God
BHAKTI+S = loving devotion to God, leading to nirvana
BHANG+S = preparation of Indian hemp used as a narcotic and intoxicant
BHANGRA+S = type of traditional Punjabi folk music combined with elements of Western pop music
BHARAL+S = wild Himalayan sheep
BHAT ( no –S) = currency of Thailand
BHAVAN+S = a large house or building, in India
BHAWAN+S = a large house or building, in India
BHEESTIE+S = an Indian water carrier
BHEESTY = a water carrier, in India
BHEL+S = a thorny Indian tree
BHIKHU+S = a fully ordained Buddhist monk
BHIKKHUNI + S = a fully ordained Buddhist nun
BHINDI +S = okra used in Indian cookery
BHISHTI +S = a water carrier, in India
BHISTEE+S = a water carrier, in India
BHISTI+E,S = a water carrier, in India
BHISTIE+S = a water carrier, in India
BHOOT+S = a small whirlwind
BHUNA+S = Indian sauce
BHUT+S = a small whirlwind

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have I Broken a Free Spirit?

Well, you might have already noticed, the Scrabble Wife is all about winning. Jokes aside, I have always thought that if you think you can’t win a game, you shouldn’t play at all. I’m not going to get into philosophical debates over that. Suffice it to say that the Scrabbler himself has not followed the same creed. Not until recently, at least.
Last night we were talking about our Christmas plans, or rather, I was talking and he was pretending to listen while doing something on his computer. I am sure my female audience is more than familiar with this picture. Don’t be surprised that we were discussing Christmas plans in March; after you’ve lived for a few years in Japan, you’ll have not yearly agendas, but decade planners and try to squeeze a visit from a friend living in a nearby town two years from now, Wednesday afternoon, after work and before manicure.
So my husband announced me (to my great and genuine surprise) that he didn’t want to go to the UK Open next year.
“Why?” I asked, not entirely sure whether to rejoice or to weep (see how I know my religious words?).
“First, because it’s far and expensive, and second, because I lose anyway,” was the answer. My husband, who has always said that he was playing for the pleasure of the game, now would not go to a competition because he’s afraid of losing? I suspect there’s more to this than he would confess, but anyway, I can’t help wondering: have I broken a truly free spirit?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Karaoke ( definition )

As I was going through David Sutton`s list of Japanese words valid in Scrabble, I saw the definition of the word KARAOKE+S. KARAOKE is defined as being "an instrument of torture". After laughing my head off for about five minutes, I realized that David was right. Karaoke can be used as an instrument of torture. In fact, this is probably how the Japanese army tortured their prisoners during wartime: " Talk, or I`ll get the mike and sing the karaoke version of Happy Birthday to You". And the prisoners usually talked.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


For today`s Tricktionary*, I chose the word Angklung+s ( an Asian instrument ). I find it difficult to remember the three ways of spelling this word.
1. Anklong+s
2. Anklung+s
3. Angklung+s

How to Win at Scrabble ( Andrew Fisher and David Webb )

I just finished rereading How to Win at Scrabble. It was an eyeopener. It turns out my strategy was a lot better 4 years ago, when I used to sacrifice points for a better leave. Then, for some reason, I started taking the extra points and sacrifice the leave. This cost me about 150 rating points. My rating dropped from 1960 to 1808, even though I know a lot more words than before. If you don`t have this book you should definitely buy it. It`s a must have, for Scrabble freaks.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Word with You

ALALAGMOS!!! It`s a Greek war cry. I have no idea whether it has a meaning or not, but I must say it sounds scary... I`d love to get to play this word. What`s even scarier is that ALALAGMOS has a plural: ALALAGMOI.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Offensive Words in Scrabble ( Q and Z )

There aren`t many offensive words that begin with Q or Z. As a matter of fact, ZAMBO+S ( offensive word for a Black person ), is the only offensive word I found,beginning with Z. There are 3 offensive words starting with Q: QUEERCORE+S ( gay-oriented punk music ), QUEERDOM+S (gay culture ) and QUIM+S ( taboo word for the female genitals ). There might be more offensive words beginning with Q and Z, but that`s all I could find. Please let me know if you find some more.

Scrabble in Japan ( Kichijoji Cup 2010 )

The Kichijoji Scrabble Cup 2010 will be held in Tokyo, on the 29th of April( Thursday ) between 13.00 and 19.00 at Musashino Kokaido, near the Kichijoji Station. If you happen to be in Tokyo and if you love playing Scrabble, please feel free to join.
Unfortunately I wont be able to make it, but other players from Osaka will be there.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Word with You ( A Word a Day )

Today`s word is INCUBUS. The INCUBUS is a demon believed to have sex with sleeping women. INCUBUS has two plural forms: INCUBI and INCUBUSES.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Word with You ( A Word a Day )

Today, I played the word ARQUEBUS on ISC, in a three minute game. I`ve always wanted to play it. An ARQUEBUS is a portable long-barrelled gun dating from the 15th century. It takes an H in front. HARQUEBUS is a variant of ARQUEBUS.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Word with You ( A Word a Day )

Today`s word is ONIONSKIN+S, defined as translucent paper.

Scrabble on ISC ( Internet Scrabble Club )

Today I had a nice game on ISC. My first move was VIHUELA+S ( a Spanish musical instrument ), followed by CARBOYS ( a large bottle ) and TANKA ( a Japanese verse form ) for 53 points. Later in the game, I played VERQUIRE ( a form of backgammon ) and FOREVER through OR for 54 points. Scored 627 points.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Word with You ( A Word a Day )

One of my favourite words is WUDJULA+S. I`ve never had the chance to play it in a game, but I`ll let you know if I do. WUDJULA is an Australian word for a non-Aboriginal person.

Offensive Words in Scrabble ( J )

Here`s a list with all the offensive word starting with J, not included in the Family Edition of the Collins Scrabble Dictionary.

JAAP+S = offensive word for a simpleton or country bumpkin
JACKROLL+S = gang-rape
JACKSY, JACKSIE+S, JAXIE+S = buttocks or anus
JACKY, JACKIES = offensive word for a native Australian
JAFA+S = offensive word for a person from Auckland
JAKEY+S = a derogatory word for a homeless alcoholic
JAILBAIT ( no-S ) = young attractive woman, below the age of consent
JESUIT+S, JESUITIC (no- S), JESUITISM+S, JESUITRY = offensive term for a person given to subtle and equivocating arguments
JEW+S, ED, ING = obsolete offensive word for haggle
JICKAJOG+S, JIGAJIG+S, JIGAJOG+S, JIGJIG+S = engage in sexual intercourse
JIGABOO+S = offensive term for a Black person
JISM+S, JISSOM+S = slang word for semen
JOBBIE+S = piece of excrement
JOHNSON+S = slang word for penis

Again, please let me know if you find more J words that should be on this list!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Word with You ( A Word a Day )

Today`s word is VAPORETTO. A VAPORETTO is a steam-powered passenger boat, like the ones used on the canals of Venice. This word has two plural forms: VAPORETTOS and VAPORETTI (no-S ).

Monday, March 1, 2010

A list...sometimes ( Words Ending in -logy )

The words ending in "logy", a suffix inherited from Greek, can be divided into two categories:

A. Words which have the sense of "saying or speaking".

ANALOGY, ANALOGIES = resemblance in some respects between things otherwise unlike
ANTILOGY, ANTILOGIES = a contradiction in terms of ideas
APOLOGY, APOLOGIES = an explanation with expression of regret
CACOLOGY, CACOLOGIES = a bad choice of words
DEKALOGY, DEKALOGIES = a group of ten novels
DOXOLOGY, DOXOLOGIES = a hymn or verse of praise to God
ELOGY, ELOGIES = eloge (a funeral oration)
EULOGY, EULOGIES = a speech or writing in praise
HOMOLOGY, HOMOLOGIES = similarity in structure and origin
IDEALOGY, IDEALOGIES = a systematic body of ideas
MENOLOGY, MENOLOGIES = an ecclesiastical calendar
MISOLOGY, MISOLOGIES = a hatred of debate or reasoning
NEOLOGY, NEOLOGIES = a new word or phrase
PARALOGY, PARALOGIES = false reasoning
TRILOGY, TRILOGIES = a group of three related literary works

B. Names of sciences or departments of study.

AEROLOGY, AEROLOGIES = science of the atmosphere
AGROLOGY, AGROLOGIES = the science of soils in relation to crops
ALGOLOGY, ALGOLOGIES = the study of algae
APIOLOGY, APIOLOGIES = the study of bees
S+ARCOLOGY, S+SARCOLOGIES = a system of architecture that integrates buildings with the environment
AREOLOGY, AREOLOGIES = the study of the planet Mars
ATMOLOGY, ATMOLOGIES = the science of water vapour
T+AUTOLOGY = scientific study of oneself
AXIOLOGY,AXIOLOGIES = the science of values
BATOLOGY,BATOLOGIES = the study of brambles
BIOLOGY, BIOLOGIES = the science of life
BRYOLOGY, BRYOLOGIES = the study of mosses
CETOLOGY,CETOLOGIES = the study of whales
CHAOLOGY, CHAOLOGIES = the study of chaos
CYTOLOGY, CYTOLOGIES = a study of cells
DOSOLOGY, DOSOLOGIES = the science of doses
O+ECOLOGY, O+ECOLOGIES = an environmental science
M,O,P,V+ENOLOGY, M,O,P,V+ENOLOGIES = the study of wines
ETHOLOGY, ETHOLOGIES = the study of animal behaviour
A+ETIOLOGY, A+ETIOLOGIES = the medical study of causes of disease
FETOLOGY, FETOLOGIES = a branch of medicine dealing with fetus
GEMOLOGY, GEMOLOGIES = the science of gems
GEOLOGY, GEOLOGIES = the science of the origin and structure of the earth
C+HOROLOGY, C+HOROLOGIES = the science of measuring time
IDEOLOGY, IDEOLOGIES = the science of ideas
KIDOLOGY, KIDOLOGIES = the art of kidding

MIXOLOGY, MIXOLOGIES = the art of making mixed drinks
MONOLOGY, MONOLOGIES = the act of uttering a monolog
MYCOLOGY, MYCOLOGIES = the branch of botany dealing with fungi
MYOLOGY, MYOLOGIES = the study of muscles
NOMOLOGY, NOMOLOGIES = the science of law
NOOLOGY, NOOLOGIES = the science of the intellect
NOSOLOGY, NOSOLOGIES = a classification of diseases
OECOLOGY, OECOLOGIES = ecology (an environmental science)
P+OENOLOGY, P+OENOLOGIES = the study of wines
OINOLOGY, OINOLOGIES = oenology (the study of wines)
O+OLOGY, O+OLOGIES = a branch of knowledge
ONCOLOGY, ONCOLOGIES = the science of tumors
ONTOLOGY, ONTOLOGIES = the branch of philosophy the deals with being
N,Z+OOLOGY, N,Z+OOLOGIES = the study of bird's eggs
OPTOLOGY, OPTOLOGIES = the study of sight
OREOLOGY, OREOLOGIES = orology (the scientific study of mountains)
H+OROLOGY, H+OROLOGIES = the scientific study of mountains
OTOLOGY, OTOLOGIES = the science of the ear
OUROLOGY, OUROLOGIES = a branch of medicine dealing with the urinary tract
PEDOLOGY, PEDOLOGIEES = the scientific study of children
PELOLOGY, PELOLOGIES = study of mud and its curative effects
PENOLOGY, PENOLOGIES = the science of the punishment of crime
PODOLOGY, PODOLOGIES = the study of the feet
POMOLOGY, POMOLOGIES = the study of fruits
POSOLOGY, POSOLOGIES = a branch of medicine that deals with drug dosages
PYROLOGY, PYROLOGIES = the scientific examination of materials by heat
RHEOLOGY, RHEOLOGIES = the study of matter in the fluid state
SEROLOGY, SEROLOGIES = the science of serums
SEXOLOGY, SEXOLOGIES = the study of human sexual behaviour
SINOLOGY, SINOLOGIES = the study of Chinese
SITOLOGY, SITOLOGIES = the science of nutrition and diet
A+THEOLOGY, A+THEOLOGIES = the study of religion
TOCOLOGY, TOCOLOGIES = a branch of medicine dealing with childbirth
TOKOLOGY, TOKOLOGIES = tocology (a branch of medicine dealing with childbirth
TOPOLOGY, TOPOLOGIES = a branch of mathematics
TYPOLOGY, TYPOLOGIES = the study of classification according to type
UFOLOGY, UFOLOGIES = the study of unidentified flying objects
O+UROLOGY, O+UROLOGIES = the branch of medicine dealing with the urinary tract
VENOLOGY, VENOLOGIES = the study of veins
VINOLOGY, VINOLOGIES = the study of vines
VIROLOGY, VIROLOGIES = the study of viruses
XYLOLOGY, XYLOLOGIES = the study of the structure of wood
ZOOLOGY, ZOOLOGIES = the science of animals
ZYMOLOGY, ZYMOLOGIES = the science of fermentation

A Word with You ( A Word a Day )

The Collins Dictionary is full of interesting words and definitions. As of today, I will select a word a day, and share it with you. Today`s word is ROSBIF. A ROSBIF is a term used in France for an English person. I`m guessing ROSBIF comes from the English ROAST BEEF. Even though this term sounds offensive to me, the Collins Family Edition also lists it. Still, if I were you, I wouldn`t use it when meeting English people. "Hey, what`s up rosbif?" can send you straight to the hospital, if you meet the wrong person...