Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Malta International Scrabble Open ( The End )

Game over. The final standings for our team are:

26 Catalin Caba (Romania) 12-9 (+157)
30 Dan Sandu (Romania) 12-9 (-212)
34 Mihai Pantis (Romania) 11-10 (+431)

Catalin Caba`s top 30 finish is like a win! He was rated 50th ( I think ) before the tournament. He finished 24 places better than his rating. It`s like having Dan or Mihai win the tournament. Congratulations Cata! As I was saying before, Dan took quite a few scalps in these two tournaments, proving that he is quite a fighter. Mihai couldn`t find his playing mood, and even though he was higher rated than Cata and Dan, he finished last.
Overall, I think the boys did well, and I hope they learnt something from these two tournaments.


  1. Well, I took Dan's scalp. Hehe.
    Thanks for your comments and support, good coverage.

  2. Yes:) That makes it three consecutive wins against Dan, right?:) I`m looking forward to the last round of the National Championship:)

  3. I won the last four games actually and I am up 4-1 against him this year. While I feel my final position was somewhat undeserving (I had been top 25 most of the time), I was happy about our performance overall. I am looking forward for the last round too!

  4. You know what they say, Mihai... It`s not over until they gibsonize you:))