Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Japan National Championship 2009

The Japan National Championship took place on the 5th of September in Tokyo, where the best 8 players from Japan fought for the title. Hirai san won the National Championship on spread, after winning his last game against Matsuda san(441-312).First Hirai san and then Matsuda san had to decline the invitation to join the World Scrabble Championship in Johor Bahru, due to work commitments. Warodom Geamsakul, a Thai player living in Japan who finished 3rd , will be representing Japan. Unfortunately Jason Katz Brown and I couldn’t join the Nationals this year. We did meet a week later in Tokyo over the scrabble board, but that is another story. Here are the results:

1st Hirai san 6-1
2nd Matsuda san 6-1
3rd Warodom san 4.5-2.5
4th Kuroda san 4-3
5th Itsubaki san 3.5-3.5
6th Takeda san 3-4
7th Tanaka san 1-6
8th Arai san 0-7

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