Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scrabble Travelling Guide (II) Tips

As maybe not all partners are as understanding as mine, here are some tips meant to make your trip more pleasant.

The best option is to combine a Scrabble tournament with a sightseeing tour. This way neither of you will feel bored, although your partner might complain of being left alone for too long.
To avoid this, always travel with friends. Make sure they are your partner’s friends, so that they wouldn’t be much interested in talking to you. We usually travel with some Japanese friends, who, like many of their compatriots, are overwhelmed by a feeling of panic as soon as they leave Japan and become entirely dependent on my wife. As she has to guide and translate for them during the entire trip, that leaves many long blanks in our conversation which can be pleasantly filled with some word lists.
If no Japanese friends are available, make sure the tour is not much longer than the Scrabble tournament and complain daily of how tired you are. Pretending to fall asleep during dinner might help avoid spending an unwanted hour at the bar (particularly boring since I don’t even drink alcohol).
Even if you are a man of simple needs like myself, do not make the mistake of choosing cheap hotels. Inappropriate accommodation may lead to never ending discussions about the inconveniences, while top end places (no matter how much they hurt your pocket; I’ve never said playing Scrabble was cheap, have I?) include attractions such a well stocked bathroom, spa and wellness centers where up to an entire afternoon can be spent (that means one afternoon all for yourself in a cool comfortable room with room service!), as well as various souvenir shops where she doesn’t need to take you since she has all the credit cards and it is better for your health (both physical and mental) not to know how much she spent on various items. I cannot enumerate the above mentioned items here as they are in the habit of slipping my mind as soon as the showing parade is over.

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