Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scrabble Travelling Guide (I) Destinations

I am not going to talk here about places like Bangkok in June, England in January or Malaysia in December, because I am sure they are better than Hawaii beaches or Parisian cafes for any self-respecting Scrabble player. I am going to talk about the other places, the places where you have to go with your partner unless you wish to eat grilled tofu and lettuce for the rest of your life. No, dear, I’m not implying that grilled tofu and lettuce are not the apex of culinary art, I’m only worried that some of our readers may not have palates as refined as ours. So here are some suggestions for places suitable to one of your most beloved occupations, the study of word lists.

The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. Although fairly crowded by tourists, if you go there in winter the desert sun is not unbearably hot and you might have a few moments to yourself while your wife/ girlfriend is taking in the fact that she’s walking on myths (yes, honey, I quoted you here).

Machu Picchu. Although the relatively high altitude might not necessarily be conducive to study, it is a cool place and if you lie on the grass, you can spend some fruitful minutes while your partner wonders and marvels at the beauty of nature and human creation.
The Taj Mahal. In front of the big white building (you know what I’m talking about), there are some benches where you can wait for the guided tour to be over. Thus you cannot be blamed for not having accompanied your partner and not appearing in all the photos that must be sent home. I must admit that I prefer the Khajuraho temple complex, especially in the evening, when there are less visitors, to the Taj Mahal, which is always crowded and where the atmosphere is kind of hazy in winter—not the best light for reading.

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