Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Book... Again: "Genghis: Birth of an Empire"

From a scrabble player’s point of view, this book is a linguistic catastrophe. There aren’t many words that would make an interesting chapter on Mongolian scrabble vocabulary. Obviously the Khan, unlike the modern Indians, some of whom are actually excellent players, had not discovered this fascinating game. From a (my wife adds “normal”) reader’s point of view, it’s an interesting lecture, with a catchy plot and well defined characters. I enjoyed the lecture despite of the lack of scrabble words. Carmen says it’s definitely a must if you want to learn something about culture and history while enjoying some action.

Carrion+s = dead and rotting flesh
Cheekpiece+s = either of two straps of a bridle that connect the bit to the headpiece
Flyblown* Flyblow+n,s = deposit larva or flyblow on (meat or other food); contaminate; taint
Horsehide+s = skin of a horse; leather made from the hide of a horse
Lichen+s = to cover with flowerless plants
Longbow+s = a type of archery bow
Outcrop+s = to protrude above the soil
Saddlebag+s = bag laid behind a saddle of a horse
Saddlecloth+s = saddle blanket, thick pad placed under a saddle to prevent it from irritating the horse's skin
Scabbard+s = to sheathe, as a sword
Skirmish = to engage in a minor battle
Stirrup+s = a support for the foot of a horseman
Wicker+s = a pliant twig or branch

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