Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Death of Vishnu(II)

Dais+y = a raised platform
Dharma+s = sacred duty
Garuda+s = a Hindu demigod
Jambul+s = tree with small purple fruit
Kumari+s = in India, the title of Miss
Kurta+s Khurta+s = a loose fitting tunic of India
Lathi+s = long piece of bamboo usually used as a weapon
Maharaja+h,s = a king or prince in India
Masala+s = a mixture of ground spices used in Indian cookery
Mela+s = a Hindu festival or fair
Mooli+s = an East African vegetable
Namaste+s = an Indian form of greeting
Okra+s = a tall annual herb
Pakora+s = an Indian vegetable dish
Paneer+s = homemade Indian cheese
Pomfret+s = a marine fish
Rupee+s = a monetary unit of India
Salaam+s = to greet with a low bow
Tamasha+s = a public entertainment in India
Tiffin+ g,s = stacking containers used to carry prepared food

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