Sunday, October 4, 2009

A book...sometimes (The Death of Vishnu I)

I continue my reading odyssey with “The Death of Vishnu”, a book written by the author of “The Age of Shiva”. The book is very well written and has a lot of interesting words. I eliminated the words that have already appeared in my previous “book reports”. Again, I’m not going to spoil the lecture for you. Here are some words from the book:
(Source of definitions: Collins Scrabble Dictionary and the author’s notes)

Anna+l,s,t = a former coin of India
Ashram+a,s = an Indian retreat house
Attar+s = a fragrant oil
Avatar+s = an incarnation of a god or goddess
Bandar+i, s = a monkey
Banyan+s = an Indian tree
Basmati+s = Asian aromatic rice
Beedi (no –s) + es = a hand rolled cigarette
Bhajan+s = a Hindu religious song
Bhang+s = intoxicant, sometimes mixed with milk for consumption
Brahma + n,s = part of the primary Hindu trinity of gods, the creator, who breathes out the universe to make it come into existence
Brinjal+s = eggplant
Cardamom+s Cardamon+s Cardamum+s = a tropical herb
Dacoit+ s, y Dakoit+i,s,y = a bandit
Dacoity = criminal activities of dacoits

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