Friday, February 26, 2010

Offensive Words in Scrabble ( N)

All these offensive words can be found in the Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary, but are omitted from the Family Edition of the Collins Scrabble Dictionary. Use them wisely. Hopefully on the Scrabble board only. You know that words can be sharper than sword...

NADS = testicles
NANCE+S = homosexual man
NANCY, NANCIES = effeminate or homosexual boy or man
NED+S = derogatory name for an adolescent hooligan
NEDETTE+S = derogatory name for a female adolescent hooligan
NEGRESS+ES = old-fashioned offensive term for a Black woman
NEGRO (no -S), NEGROES = old-fashioned offensive term for a Black man
NEGROHEAD+S = type of rubber
NEGROID+S = a member of the Black race (NEGROIDAL)
NEGROISM+S = devotion to the Black civil rights movement
NEGROPHIL+E,S = person who admires Black people and their culture
NIGER+S = obsolete offensive term for a Black person
NIGGER+S, ED, ING = offensive name for a Black person
NIGGERDOM+S = the world of Black people ( ?)
NIGGERISH = of, or like a Black person
NIGGERISM+S = offensive name for an idiom supposedly characteristic of Black people
NIGGERY = like a Black person
NITCHIE+S = offensive term for a Native American
NOOKIE+S = sexual intercourse
NOONER+S = sexual encounter during lunch hours
NUTHOUSE+S = mental hospytal or asylum
NUTSO ( no-S) =insane
NUTTER+S = insane person
NYMPHO+S = nymphomaniac

Here are a few words not considered offensive enough to be left out of the Family Edition Scrabble Dictionary:

NANCIFIED = effeminate man
NEGRITUDE+S = fact of being a NEGRO
NELLIE+S = effeminate man
NERD+ S,Y = a socially inept person
NICOMPOOP+S = stupid person
NINNY, NINNIES = stupid person ( NINNYISH)
NONG+S = stupid or incompetent person
NOODLEDOM+S = state of being a simpleton
NUMBSKULL+S = stupid person
NUMSKULL+S = stupid person
NURD+ S, Y = a socially inept person

If you stumble across more offensive words beginning with N, please let me know!

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