Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Romanian National Scrabble Championship in English ( first round)

The first round of the Romanian National Scrabble Championship in English 2010 took place in Bucharest, last weekend. These are the final standings:
1. Dan Laurenţiu SANDU 9-1 (+1229)
2. Mihai PANTIŞ 9-1 (+986)
3. Cătălin CABA 5-5 (+413)
4. Ovidiu TĂMAŞ 4-6 (+150)
5. Eduard PETCU 3-7 (-955)
6. Cosmin DONCIU 0-10 (-1823

I was happy to hear that we have a new player in English. His name is Eduard Petcu and from what I hear, he is very young and talented. He extended MOVED to UNREMOVED to win a game by 6 points, and did pretty well, considering that this was his first tournament in English! I hope that he keeps improving and maybe one day he can represent Romania at the WSC.

After 8 rounds Mihai was first with 7 wins, 1 loss and 836 spread, followed by Dan Laurentia Sandu on 7 wins, 1 loss and 458 spread! While Mihai Pantis only managed to get 150 spread points from his last 2 games, Dan Laurentiu Sandu earned a spread of 771 points from his, against his club mates, who only managed to score 125 and 116points, the lowest scores I`ve never seen in 6 years of Scrabble… I`m thinking… noncombat or just really, really, really bad luck! Hopefully the latter. It`s going to be an interesting fight between Mihai and Dan. Two rounds to go this year!
Out of curiosity, what is your lowest score ever at Scrabble? I remember mine was 275 or so.

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  1. For me personally it's very nice to see a strong competition at the top and yet I feel pretty sorry to see those ZYZZYVA-probability-like scores in the last two rounds.

  2. Yes, it`s like playing the word ZYZZYVA using both blanks:). It can happen, but you really have to fish for it if you know what I mean.

  3. no, you don't know Cosmin and Edi (a junior 17 yo player). Their real scores were around 200, but they exceeded the time, trying desperately to put some "bingoes". They missed around 4-5 turns playing some unacceptable words and other turns by playing only 1-2 letters for keeping the good combinations on the rack. It's sad it happened at the end, but in my opinion their intention was not to raise Dan's spread. Anyway, there are 2 more tournaments, I hope to beat Dan and Mihai, also Ovidiu has all the chances to do it, so the fight is going on :)