Monday, January 18, 2010

My Christmas Nails (or The Wife Strikes Back)

Strange things have happened here while I was away (for a well-deserved, much enjoyed and very costly-for my family-trip to Romania). First, I find out that my husband has girlfriendS. The plural must be emphasized. He has not one, but more girlfriends, who ask expensive gifts of him, such as Prince William. I’d rather have, for what I think are obvious reasons, Bill Gates, but well, de gustibus…
Second, this blog has become terrifyingly boring. Even I, who are not “one of his wives”, but THE wife, don’t read his posts. That is why I decided to delight you with… I’m sure you’re not expecting this… my Christmas nails!
The 2008 Malaysia version (we could call it the Causeway design), in a photo taken near the Cameron Highlands, while my husband was toiling away in the competition room.

The 2009 World Scrabble Championship version, executed while Adrian was brilliantly losing game after game in the Championship.

(Photo courtesy of my friend and stylist, Miki-san )

Now, to maintain the Scrabble spirit, the aficionados can think of NAIL words, while the girls can comment on my (I think) pretty nails. Let’s see which team wins!


  1. ...the wife scratches back, you mean? :)) lovely nails, btw :)

  2. or the wife kicks back... Whose back? Well, you already know... Ouch!