Sunday, January 10, 2010

Uk Open- Day 5

I finished the tournament with two losses. Evan Cohen played CINEASTS as a triple triple to score 140 points and unintentionally block my OUBAASES play while Wayne Kelly managed to get to 470 in his first five moves or so. My last play of the tournament was INFERIOR to go out and reduce the spread. Uk Open 2010 was very enjoyable. I did feel a bit groggy towards the end. My opponents averaged 505 points in the last seven games, and I felt like an observer! And here are my statistics: 17 wins, 21 losses, 111 spread, 431 average/game, 34 blanks to my opponents' 42, 81 bingoes( bonuses) to my opponents' 74. I lost 11 games where I scored over 400 points and won a game where I scored 357 points! Go figure! I`ll upload some photos and make a list of the played bingoes(bonuses)later.

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