Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scrabble in Romania

After Christmas, I went to Cluj Napoca to meet my Romanian Scrabble mates. My father was there too. I was pleased to meet Septimiu Crivei, the National Scrabble Champion en titre in Romanian and the guy who supported me the most for the last couple of years. Even though, we often ecxhange emails, it was the first time for us tu meet. And because we couldn't stay away from Scrabble, we decided to play team Scrabble. It was Septimiu and I versus Mihai and my father. As our opponents said, we were extremely lucky to win both games. Here are some photos from Cluj:

Septimiu Crivei, Ovidiu Tamas, Mihai Pantis, Adrian Tamas

Septimiu & Adrian 511 Mihai & Ovidiu 394

Septimiu & Adrian 433 Mihai & Ovidiu 409

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