Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Offensive Words in Scrabble ( J )

Here`s a list with all the offensive word starting with J, not included in the Family Edition of the Collins Scrabble Dictionary.

JAAP+S = offensive word for a simpleton or country bumpkin
JACKROLL+S = gang-rape
JACKSY, JACKSIE+S, JAXIE+S = buttocks or anus
JACKY, JACKIES = offensive word for a native Australian
JAFA+S = offensive word for a person from Auckland
JAKEY+S = a derogatory word for a homeless alcoholic
JAILBAIT ( no-S ) = young attractive woman, below the age of consent
JESUIT+S, JESUITIC (no- S), JESUITISM+S, JESUITRY = offensive term for a person given to subtle and equivocating arguments
JEW+S, ED, ING = obsolete offensive word for haggle
JICKAJOG+S, JIGAJIG+S, JIGAJOG+S, JIGJIG+S = engage in sexual intercourse
JIGABOO+S = offensive term for a Black person
JISM+S, JISSOM+S = slang word for semen
JOBBIE+S = piece of excrement
JOHNSON+S = slang word for penis

Again, please let me know if you find more J words that should be on this list!

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