Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have I Broken a Free Spirit?

Well, you might have already noticed, the Scrabble Wife is all about winning. Jokes aside, I have always thought that if you think you can’t win a game, you shouldn’t play at all. I’m not going to get into philosophical debates over that. Suffice it to say that the Scrabbler himself has not followed the same creed. Not until recently, at least.
Last night we were talking about our Christmas plans, or rather, I was talking and he was pretending to listen while doing something on his computer. I am sure my female audience is more than familiar with this picture. Don’t be surprised that we were discussing Christmas plans in March; after you’ve lived for a few years in Japan, you’ll have not yearly agendas, but decade planners and try to squeeze a visit from a friend living in a nearby town two years from now, Wednesday afternoon, after work and before manicure.
So my husband announced me (to my great and genuine surprise) that he didn’t want to go to the UK Open next year.
“Why?” I asked, not entirely sure whether to rejoice or to weep (see how I know my religious words?).
“First, because it’s far and expensive, and second, because I lose anyway,” was the answer. My husband, who has always said that he was playing for the pleasure of the game, now would not go to a competition because he’s afraid of losing? I suspect there’s more to this than he would confess, but anyway, I can’t help wondering: have I broken a truly free spirit?

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