Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Word with You

ALALAGMOS!!! It`s a Greek war cry. I have no idea whether it has a meaning or not, but I must say it sounds scary... I`d love to get to play this word. What`s even scarier is that ALALAGMOS has a plural: ALALAGMOI.


  1. The root of ALALAGMOS is the Greek word alala, meaning a shout, specifically a shout with which a battle was traditionally begun. I find it pleasing to think that we still have words around that were in use at the battle of Marathon. In fact I am thinking of starting the opening game at my next Scrabble tournament with a cry of ALALAGMOS, possibly coupled with a bit of NIRAMIAI...

  2. Niramiai used to be my handle on ISC. I`ve never actually got to play this word! As long as you don`t start your next Facebook Scrabble game against me with ALALAGMOS followed by NIRAMIAI, I`m happy!