Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Speak English? ( A List Sometimes... Words Beginning with BH )

This one is for the native speakers of English, who think they master their mother tongue. The truth is that English is like an adoptive parent. It`s like The Angelina Jolie of the languages. It keeps sucking in more and more words from other languages. As you will notice, none of the words on this list are actually genuine English words.

BHAGEE+S = an appetizer, in Indian cookery
BHAJAN+S = singing of devotional songs and hymns
BHAJEE+S = an appetizer, in Indian cookery
BHAJI+S = an appetizer in Indian cookery
BHAKTA+S = Hindu term for devotee of God
BHAKTI+S = loving devotion to God, leading to nirvana
BHANG+S = preparation of Indian hemp used as a narcotic and intoxicant
BHANGRA+S = type of traditional Punjabi folk music combined with elements of Western pop music
BHARAL+S = wild Himalayan sheep
BHAT ( no –S) = currency of Thailand
BHAVAN+S = a large house or building, in India
BHAWAN+S = a large house or building, in India
BHEESTIE+S = an Indian water carrier
BHEESTY = a water carrier, in India
BHEL+S = a thorny Indian tree
BHIKHU+S = a fully ordained Buddhist monk
BHIKKHUNI + S = a fully ordained Buddhist nun
BHINDI +S = okra used in Indian cookery
BHISHTI +S = a water carrier, in India
BHISTEE+S = a water carrier, in India
BHISTI+E,S = a water carrier, in India
BHISTIE+S = a water carrier, in India
BHOOT+S = a small whirlwind
BHUNA+S = Indian sauce
BHUT+S = a small whirlwind


  1. This list is insane. I don't know a single word. My English is native, but I still admit that I blow at it sometimes. Let's see here though, it's all Indian words. Just about any Indian person I've ever spoken with was on the phone aa they were my Dell tech support. If that doesn't make this list legit as American English, I don't know what does.

  2. The dictionary is full of "useless" words. Don`t worry, you don`t really need to know them:)) This is where Scrabble freaks come in!

  3. Ive been trying to locate the meaning to bhut/bhoot and Ive been UNABLE to locate the source.
    Also bhoot, bhuta.

    In India, a spirit; a demon or goblin.

    1785 C. WILKINS tr. Bhgvt-Gtà ix, The servants of the Bhts, or spirits, go unto the Bhts; and they who worship me go unto me. 1838 H. H. WILSON in Jrnl. R. Asiatic Soc. V. 290 These superterrene realms, the Lokas or spheres, inhabited by various orders of beings, as the Bhútas. 1883 D. C. J. IBBETSON Rep. Rev. Settlt. Karnal ix. 154 People who have died violent deaths..are specially likely to become bhúts. 1909 Westm. Gaz. 11 Aug. 8/3 These ‘bhutas’ are the devils or goblins of our mediæval fairy tales. 1939 R. GODDEN Black Narcissus xvi. 147 ‘Probably He's a dragon, a bhût in the shape of a child...’ They were all afraid of bhûts, Hindus and Buddhists alike.
    I think it sucks when you cant locate the words in the sources.Probably in 1968 American Heritage version subsequently dropped.This is not the meaning given in Oxford /goblin demon
    New "BH" words bhai* = brother bhelpuri* = Indian dish bhoona* =Indian cookery term
    English is a good kidnapper of weird words