Monday, March 1, 2010

A list...sometimes ( Words Ending in -logy )

The words ending in "logy", a suffix inherited from Greek, can be divided into two categories:

A. Words which have the sense of "saying or speaking".

ANALOGY, ANALOGIES = resemblance in some respects between things otherwise unlike
ANTILOGY, ANTILOGIES = a contradiction in terms of ideas
APOLOGY, APOLOGIES = an explanation with expression of regret
CACOLOGY, CACOLOGIES = a bad choice of words
DEKALOGY, DEKALOGIES = a group of ten novels
DOXOLOGY, DOXOLOGIES = a hymn or verse of praise to God
ELOGY, ELOGIES = eloge (a funeral oration)
EULOGY, EULOGIES = a speech or writing in praise
HOMOLOGY, HOMOLOGIES = similarity in structure and origin
IDEALOGY, IDEALOGIES = a systematic body of ideas
MENOLOGY, MENOLOGIES = an ecclesiastical calendar
MISOLOGY, MISOLOGIES = a hatred of debate or reasoning
NEOLOGY, NEOLOGIES = a new word or phrase
PARALOGY, PARALOGIES = false reasoning
TRILOGY, TRILOGIES = a group of three related literary works

B. Names of sciences or departments of study.

AEROLOGY, AEROLOGIES = science of the atmosphere
AGROLOGY, AGROLOGIES = the science of soils in relation to crops
ALGOLOGY, ALGOLOGIES = the study of algae
APIOLOGY, APIOLOGIES = the study of bees
S+ARCOLOGY, S+SARCOLOGIES = a system of architecture that integrates buildings with the environment
AREOLOGY, AREOLOGIES = the study of the planet Mars
ATMOLOGY, ATMOLOGIES = the science of water vapour
T+AUTOLOGY = scientific study of oneself
AXIOLOGY,AXIOLOGIES = the science of values
BATOLOGY,BATOLOGIES = the study of brambles
BIOLOGY, BIOLOGIES = the science of life
BRYOLOGY, BRYOLOGIES = the study of mosses
CETOLOGY,CETOLOGIES = the study of whales
CHAOLOGY, CHAOLOGIES = the study of chaos
CYTOLOGY, CYTOLOGIES = a study of cells
DOSOLOGY, DOSOLOGIES = the science of doses
O+ECOLOGY, O+ECOLOGIES = an environmental science
M,O,P,V+ENOLOGY, M,O,P,V+ENOLOGIES = the study of wines
ETHOLOGY, ETHOLOGIES = the study of animal behaviour
A+ETIOLOGY, A+ETIOLOGIES = the medical study of causes of disease
FETOLOGY, FETOLOGIES = a branch of medicine dealing with fetus
GEMOLOGY, GEMOLOGIES = the science of gems
GEOLOGY, GEOLOGIES = the science of the origin and structure of the earth
C+HOROLOGY, C+HOROLOGIES = the science of measuring time
IDEOLOGY, IDEOLOGIES = the science of ideas
KIDOLOGY, KIDOLOGIES = the art of kidding

MIXOLOGY, MIXOLOGIES = the art of making mixed drinks
MONOLOGY, MONOLOGIES = the act of uttering a monolog
MYCOLOGY, MYCOLOGIES = the branch of botany dealing with fungi
MYOLOGY, MYOLOGIES = the study of muscles
NOMOLOGY, NOMOLOGIES = the science of law
NOOLOGY, NOOLOGIES = the science of the intellect
NOSOLOGY, NOSOLOGIES = a classification of diseases
OECOLOGY, OECOLOGIES = ecology (an environmental science)
P+OENOLOGY, P+OENOLOGIES = the study of wines
OINOLOGY, OINOLOGIES = oenology (the study of wines)
O+OLOGY, O+OLOGIES = a branch of knowledge
ONCOLOGY, ONCOLOGIES = the science of tumors
ONTOLOGY, ONTOLOGIES = the branch of philosophy the deals with being
N,Z+OOLOGY, N,Z+OOLOGIES = the study of bird's eggs
OPTOLOGY, OPTOLOGIES = the study of sight
OREOLOGY, OREOLOGIES = orology (the scientific study of mountains)
H+OROLOGY, H+OROLOGIES = the scientific study of mountains
OTOLOGY, OTOLOGIES = the science of the ear
OUROLOGY, OUROLOGIES = a branch of medicine dealing with the urinary tract
PEDOLOGY, PEDOLOGIEES = the scientific study of children
PELOLOGY, PELOLOGIES = study of mud and its curative effects
PENOLOGY, PENOLOGIES = the science of the punishment of crime
PODOLOGY, PODOLOGIES = the study of the feet
POMOLOGY, POMOLOGIES = the study of fruits
POSOLOGY, POSOLOGIES = a branch of medicine that deals with drug dosages
PYROLOGY, PYROLOGIES = the scientific examination of materials by heat
RHEOLOGY, RHEOLOGIES = the study of matter in the fluid state
SEROLOGY, SEROLOGIES = the science of serums
SEXOLOGY, SEXOLOGIES = the study of human sexual behaviour
SINOLOGY, SINOLOGIES = the study of Chinese
SITOLOGY, SITOLOGIES = the science of nutrition and diet
A+THEOLOGY, A+THEOLOGIES = the study of religion
TOCOLOGY, TOCOLOGIES = a branch of medicine dealing with childbirth
TOKOLOGY, TOKOLOGIES = tocology (a branch of medicine dealing with childbirth
TOPOLOGY, TOPOLOGIES = a branch of mathematics
TYPOLOGY, TYPOLOGIES = the study of classification according to type
UFOLOGY, UFOLOGIES = the study of unidentified flying objects
O+UROLOGY, O+UROLOGIES = the branch of medicine dealing with the urinary tract
VENOLOGY, VENOLOGIES = the study of veins
VINOLOGY, VINOLOGIES = the study of vines
VIROLOGY, VIROLOGIES = the study of viruses
XYLOLOGY, XYLOLOGIES = the study of the structure of wood
ZOOLOGY, ZOOLOGIES = the science of animals
ZYMOLOGY, ZYMOLOGIES = the science of fermentation

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