Sunday, November 29, 2009

Been there, done that, got a T-shirt

As my wife was saying, this is the end of the road. At the next WSC there will only be one Romanian. Unless we organize the event. I think that would be good for Mattel. In Romania all the students study English in Elementary School, High School or University, but very few play Scrabble in English. The good thing is that Scrabble has a good image in Romania and even though it's not as popular as chess, it's considered a sport. And we have a Michaeltanglike* organizer: Septimiu Crivei. Regarding the WSC, I can say that I've been there, played there, got a T-shirt and a Scrabble board.(since I won my last game and the winner took the board while the non-winner took the tiles).My average score was 433, which I'm quite happy with, while my opponent's average score against me was 436. Needless to say that I'm not happy about that!!!


  1. There should be many more things to get (and earn, e.g. a pancake breakfast) at Causeway! Might be able to get permission to drop by on Saturday again :)

  2. From: Warodom

    You will have the Causeway Challenge in the next three days.

    You can win the top half in 2011 and Romania can regain one more seat in 2013.

    Just fight.

    By the way, I finished 7 wins and 17 losses. 106th among 108 players so, Japan could not regain the seat for 2011.
    However, it was my precious experience and my rating jumped up from 1380 to 1500 something. I am personally happy with these.

    I hope we can play at Kichijoji Cup next April and at our Western Scrabble Club regular meetings before that.

  3. Waro san, good effort! You beat the Youth World Champion and Rick Kennedy who finished 17!