Tuesday, November 3, 2009

David Sutton's list of consonant+y+s (plural) words

We think that David's list should be granted more than just a corner in the comment section, so we wanted to give it the space it deserves. David said: The plural of COLBY being COLBIES or COLBYS, how many other words ending in consonant followed by Y can you name that can take a straight S in the plural? I make it 19 altogether but may have missed a few. OK, here goes:

BENDY BENDYS (another name for OKRA)
BIALY BIALYS (an onion roll, also BIALIES)
BLOWBY BLOWBYS (a leakage of exhaust gases)
BY BYS( a pass in certain card games)
COLBY COLBYS (a type of cheese, also COLBIES)
DARCY DARCYS (unit of rock permeability, can also be DARCIES)
DRY DRYS (a political right-winger)
FLYBY FLYBYS ( a flight at low altitude or close range)
GOODBY GOODBYS( a remark or gesture on parting)
HENRY HENRYS (unit of electrical inductantce, can also be HENRIES)
JANSKY JANSKYS (in astronomy, the unit of strength of radio-emission)
MILLIHENRY (thousandth of a HENRY)
PLATY PLATYS (a small tropical fish: can also be PLATIES).
PRY PRYS (to inquire impertinently into private matters)
QWERTY QWERTYS ( the usual keyboard layout: QWERTIES)
SHINDY SHINDYS (an uproar, can also be SHINDIES)
SWINGBY SWINGBYS (the passing of a spacecraft near a planet to use its gravitational pull)TELLY TELLYS ( a television set, also TELLIES)
TRILBY TRILBYS ( a soft felt hat, also TRILBIES
WHY WHYS( the reason or cause of something)
ZLOTY ZLOTYS ( a monetary unit of Poland: also ZLOTIES)

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  1. I would have thought pry and prys are two different words , prys meaning prize
    cheers Tony k . Is that why you have it black boldfaced ? also PRYS(ES)