Monday, November 9, 2009

Introduction to Chicklit

Adrian has only discussed serious books here (although I’m not one hundred percent sure where to place Conn Iggulden), so I thought it was time for frivolity. “The Brightest Star in the Sky” (written by the author of many other delightful books, Marian Keyes) is definitely girly, feel-good girly, the kind of book which can successfully replace chocolate or any other comfort food on glum days, and even a manicure or a shopping spree if you’re hard on cash. Plus, it’s about Ireland, my beloved Ireland (and one of the best countries to live in) and Irish people.
That’s why we’re giving you some Irish flavoured words (all valid in Scrabble).

Eejit [s, y] = idiot
Gansey = jersey
Gobshite = a stupid, incompetent, or gullible person; a person who talks nonsense or talks incessantly; a loudmouth.
Wastrel = (in Cornwall) a tract of waste land; a good-for-nothing, idle, worthless, disreputable person
Feck = fuck; steal (in Irish English)
Gardai (Garda) = The state police force of the Republic of Ireland, established in 1922, and known as the Garda Síochána [= ‘Civic Guard’] since 1923.
Spanner = dandy (in Dublin); OED gives three other different meanings for this word
Shebeen = Chiefly in Ireland and Scotland: A shop or house where excisable liquors are sold without a licence
Knockers = underwear (?)


Here are some words which do not appear in the Collins Scrabble Dictionary. When we could guess the meaning from the context, things were fine, but some of them are still a mystery. We’re appealing to your kindness and extensive linguistic knowledge to elucidate it.
*lezzer (adj. lezzery) = lesbian
* scobie→ “I haven’t a scobie” = “I have no idea”
* madzer = mad, crazy
* bejayzus
* gank = unpleasant (?)
* jollof (?)
* tallywhacker*
Galwegian = a person not necessarily from Galway, but who tends to lead a bohemian lifestyle, fight against consumerism and various other noble causes.

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