Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lords of the Board

Today the World Scrabble Championship 2009 begins and I would like to congratulate all the participants for having made it so far. As a person who hates sports and has never been good at any—it’s not just that I’m chubby, slow and clumsy, I’m not a team player and a sore loser as well—I sincerely admire all who have to strength and patience to go this far. With Scrabble, things seem to be particularly difficult. I mean, if you’re young, it’s one thing to be a tennis/ football/ basketball player, or a swimmer, or something similar, which would definitely bring you some fame and popularity, and it’s another thing to be a Scrabble player. First, not many people see Scrabble as more than a fun way to spend rainy days or evenings when there’s nothing better to do. Scrabble is a kind of chess plus poker: you need brains and luck at the same time, but the gains are infinitely smaller. And most of the times you have to accept being called a nerd, suffer your wife’s nagging (i.e, “Can you please tell me how Scrabble is going to help our family? Are you going to feed our kids Scrabble tiles?”) and your friends’ irony.
Yet you all made it so far and I think it’s great. Congratulations and good luck!

NB: This post is obviously a way of showing support for my husband and its validity does not extend beyond December 7th, 2009. On that day, the admiration goes back to its safe box and we go back to house chores and nagging.

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