Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tokyo Scrabble (3)

One of the three Scrabbleoke* games Jason and I played

The third and last part of my Scrabble trip to Tokyo is a " word report". Here are a few words Jason and I played:

PENULTS = the next to last syllable in a word (ADRIAN)
BIVIA(no-S) BIVIUM* = part of a starfish (ADRIAN)
VISCID (no-S) = thick and adhesive (JASON)
EUTEXIA+S = the property of being easily melted (JASON)
HAIKAI(no -S) = a type of Japanese poem (ADRIAN)
ORIBI+S = an African antelope (ADRIAN)
TITTUP+S,Y = to move in a lively manner (JASON)
MASTITIS = inflammation of the breast (ADRIAN)
SHIRALEE+S = a swagman's bundle (JASON)
AZYGIES = an unpaired biological element (ADRIAN)
DOVECOTS = a roost for domesticated pigeons (JASON)
AMILDAR+S = an Indian manager (ADRIAN)
OXEYE+S = a flowering plant (ADRIAN)

The game Jason and I played on the train

XEROMAS = a dry lustreless condition of the conjunctiva (JASON)
DRUMLIN+S = a long hill of glacial drift (ADRIAN)
SEMEION (no-S) SEMEIA* = a unit of time (ADRIAN)
CRUZIE+S also CRUIZIE+S = an oil lamp( ADRIAN)
FAQUIRS = a religious ascetic in India, also FAQIR FAKIR (JASON)
DIANOIAS = a lower mode of knowledge from perception and experience(ADRIAN)
VAGROM (no-S) = wandering (JASON)

Playing so many games against Jason (who is rated 14th in the world at the moment)was exactly the kind of training I needed for the World Scrabble Championship 2009 and the Causeway Challenge (both held in Malaysia). I'm counting the days!


  1. After I looked at the boards, I lost my confidence but could learn many new words from you two.
    Have fun at the World Championships. Me too.

  2. Hi Waro san! Long time no Scrabble.I hope that you are well. Confidence is one thing you shouldn`t lose! It will win you many games. I hope to see you soon in Malaysia!