Monday, November 16, 2009

Man is the head of the family, woman the neck that turns the head.

1. People

Airhead+s = an idiot (a mentally deficient person)
Bonehead+s = a blockhead
Boobhead+s = a repeat offender in prison (Australian slang)
Butthead+s = a stupid person
Dickhead+s = a fool
Dumbhead+s = a stupid person
Egghead+s = an intellectual
Fathead+s = a stupid person
Jolthead+s = a blockhead
Jughead+s = a stupid person
Hardhead+s = a practical person
Hothead+s = a quick-tempered person
Knobhead+s = a fool
Lunkhead+s = a stupid person
Meathead+s = a dolt, a stupid person
Oxhead+s = a blockhead
Pisshead+s = a heavy drinker
Saphead+s = a stupid person
Shithead+s = an unpleasant person
Softhead+s = a foolish person
Sorehead+s = a person who is easily angered or offended
Stemhead+s = a jerk (slang)


Behead+s = to decapitate
Cohead +s = to head jointly
Deadhead+s = to travel without freight
Masthead+s = to raise to the top of a mast
Unhead+s = to decapitate

3.Addictions or hobbies

Acidhead+s = one who uses LSD
Cokehead+s = a cocaine addict
Dopehead+s = a drug addict
Gearhead+s = a mechanically inclined person
Hashhead+s = a hashish addict
Hophead+s = a drug addict
Nethead+s = an enthusiast or expert on the internet
Pillhead+s = an addict of pills
Pothead +s = one who smokes marijuana

4. Heads and their characteristics

Baldhead+s = a bald person
Barehead (no-s) = without a hat
Boofhead+s = a person with a big or ugly head
Hoarhead+s = a hoary-headed old man
Longhead+s = a person having a long skull
Mophead+s = a person with shaggy hair
Slaphead+s = someone with a shaved head
Bolthead+s = a hemispherical bolt head
Redhead+s = person with red hair
Skinhead+s = one whose hair is cut very short
Towhead+s = a head of light blond hair

5. Sea creatures

Bluehead+s = a marine fish
Bowhead+s = an arctic whale
Bullhead+s = a freshwater catfish
Flathead+s = a marine fish
Gilthead+s = a marine fish


Bolthead+s = the head of a bolt
Cuphead+s = a hemispherical bolt-head
Clubhead+s = the part of a golf club that strikes the ball
Drumhead+s = the material stretched over the end of a drum
Forkhead+s = the forked end of a road
Nailhead+s = the top of the nail
Pinhead+s = the head of a pin
Pithead+s = a mine entrance
T+Railhead+s = the end of a railway line
Toolhead+s = a part of a machine
Warhead+s = the explosive part of a missile
S+ Wellhead+s = the source of a spring or stream

7. Others

Bighead+s = a disease of animals
Billhead+s = a letterhead
Bulkhead+s = a partition on a ship
Cathead+s = a beam projecting from a ship’s bow
Drophead+s = a convertible car
Forehead+s = the part of face above the eyes
Godhead+s = the state of being a god,
Hindhead+s = describes the back of the head
Hogshead+s = a large cask
Jarhead+s = a marine soldier
Overhead+s = the general cost of running a business
Plowhead+s = the clevis of a plow
Raghead+s = an Arab
Rawhead+s = a bugbear ( a cause for anxiety)
Subhead+s = the head of a subdivision.