Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Johor Bahru (day 2)

Yesterday,we started with a "bowling tournament" for a change. Lewis Mackay, Kevin McMahon, Rick Kennedy, Pall Allan, Craig Beevers and I went to a mall called "The Leisure Mall". When we got there, we decide to split into two teams: high rated versus low rated players. Kevin has a provisional international rating, so he joined Rick and I. Together we formed the strongest three player team this sport has ever seen. Unfortunately, we had bad "tiles" and lost the first game. This is a photo with the winners of the first game. We asked for out and discussed the strategy for the next game. It was time for revenge. Four strikes for me in the first 5 frames, and a couple of strikes and spares from Rick and Kevin put us ahead by more than 100 point. That's when Allan Paul had a magic run of three consecutive strike. Lewis Mackay played a very consistent game too. Craig Beevers, the Uk National Champion en titre, had a very bad tournament, and lost a lot of rating points.Because of this, he might have to play in the Open Division next time.
We went back to the hotel and celebrated with more scrabble games. The dinner saw Peter Kougi, Martin Harrison, Phil Robertsaw and I do some more anagrams. I ordered
the " BUMBU" fish. " BUMBU" is not valid in Scrabble and you need three blanks to go with it, in order to form two valid words: BUBBLEGUM+S and TUMBLEBUG+S (I'm guessing it must be a bug...). After dinner we played a game called anagrams. Allan Paul was the "tournament director". I finished my evening with two losses to ETA KARO, a very strong Nigerian player. The second game was winnable, but not at two o' clock in the morning! I would like to share some pictures but the internet connection is not very good... I will upload them when i get to Japan.

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