Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Johor Bahru (day 1)

Mihai and I got to Johor Bahru yesterday morning. The taxi driver could only speak Chinese and Malaysian.It was a good opportunity for me to practice my Chinese. When we got to the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised with the room. It seems ten times better than the room my wife and I had last year.
For lunch, Harshan Lamabadusuriya, Phil Robertshaw and I went to a Chinese restaurant. The food was good, but I was more interested in the anagrams that Phil and Harshan kept feeding me: AEHORSSW, AAADKLMN, BEIKLNS, FMNOOOOR, DEHILNPY, ADEILMOX, EFIIPRTY, CMNOORRW,
HIILPSST,HIILPST, EIKLPST, ACIKMPST. I will leave a comment with the answers.
For dinner, we had some more anagrams: BCELLRUW, ACHLOSW, EKLNOOOR, AGIKLORY, CEHINPU, AHILMOPT, AMNOPRSW, ADEHLMOY, ACEIOPVW, DLMNOOTY, EEGKNRU, and DOOOMMRT.After dinner, Lewis Mackay,Martin Harrison, Paul Allan, Rick Kennedy, Peter Kougi, Kevin McMahon and I played some "team scrabble". Mark Nyman and Andrew Fisher were there too for a while. We played some nice words and missed some even nicer ones. Here are some nice plays: AGOROTH ( no-S a market place in ancient Greece), TOWPLANE+S (an airplane that tows gliders)WEBPAGE+S( played as an opening move), SUTLERY (a camp hawker's stall), CINQUES ( the number five), DAYSIDE+S (the sun side of a planet)and HARIANA+S ( a breed of cattle).The missed bonuses were ROOTHOLD(maintenance of position by roots), POLTROON+S( a base coward)and OMNIVORY( 230 points!) Unfortunately the internet connection is not very good here, so I cannot upload too many photos!


  1. MOONROOF+S = the transport roof of a motorcar
    KALAMDAN+S = a Persian writing case
    SAWHORSE+S = a rack used as a support for sawing
    LIBKENS = a place of abode
    DIPHENYL+S = hydrocarbon
    ALDOXIME+S = an oxime from a certain chemical reaction
    TYPIFIER+S one that typifies( to serve as a typical example)
    CORNWORM+S = a corn weevil
    THLIPSIS = a constriction
    SHILPIT (no-S) = sickly
    SKELPIT( no-S) = to slap
    MAPSTICK+S = a rod for raising a piano damper

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  3. WELLCURB+S = the stone ring around a well
    SALCHOW+S = a figure skating jump
    ONLOOKER+S = a spectator
    KILOGRAY+S = a unit of absorbed radiation
    PENUCHI+S = a fudge like candy
    PHILAMOT+S = a dull brown colour
    SPANWORM+S = an inchworm
    HOLYDAME+S = holiness
    PICOWAVE+D,S = to irradiate with gamma rays
    MYLODONT+S = a sloth
    GERENUK+S = a long necked antelope

  4. Hi, Adrian, thought you might be missing our games and be glad of some extra coaching :). On the basis that anyone good enough to play in the WSC is surely going to know all the sevens and eights backwards (what do you mean, there may still be one or two you're not sure of?), I reckon that what you need is a differentiator, so here are some interesting nines that form not so obvious eight-to-nine front or back hooks...


    Best of luck for the tournament


  5. Are you implying that the room looks better because I'm not there?

  6. David, thank you for the anagrams! I will try to solve them this evening. You will be pleased to hear that I played the word AGOROTH in a "friendly" game, a word you had played against me on FACEBOOK SCRABBLE. Unfortunately, my laptop refuses to play FACEBOOK SCRABBLE...

  7. No, no, the hotel is a lot cleaner now! Some of the players do have to share their rooms with some tiny ants but fortunately, I am not one of them!

  8. David,
    I only managed to find 5 of them. I was quite pleased to spot BERGAMASK, TELESTICH and MANGULATE. I will try and remember all of them. Thank you!